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Welcome to Terrell Enterprizes Network!! My name is Jane Markum.  Terrell Enterprizes Network is a network of sites that was built to provide one location to find information, news and products that will benefit others.  I will share what I find while surfing the internet and share this with all users that come to the site.  I have found there is much information on the internet but it is scattered about and you are not sure what is real or true and what is not.  Terrell Enterprizes Network will do its best to give the most accurate and honest information you will find on the internet.

I have been working with the Internet for at least 15 years. When I started my Internet journey the technology was dialup, there were only a few internet service providers and email was also very primitive.  I can remember the days of static webpages, AOL, Earthlink and Netscape.  Most web pages were also text with very little graphics.  To download a small file took a day, sometimes longer.  Times have changed drastically.  Time has been good to the internet.  The internet has grown into its own little world and there are several communities within this world.

Now days people are downloading and transferring software files, videos, music and other file formats that are very large.  Someone can now stream tv and movies over the Internet and the “Cloud” has become so popular who industries have been created to handle the market demand.  But that being said and all the stuff that is on the Internet, I have decided to carve out a place on the Internet that can be a one stop information and product source.

A Little Story About My Internet Life.

When I was growing up, computers were still in an infancy stage.  One computer would still take up a whole room and a personal computer that could fit on a desk was not realistic or even fathomable.  My first computer was a Commodore 64 and I would by those magazines with Basic computer programs in them to write the code and see the balloon float across the screen.  In those days there was no connection to any other computers and everything was standalone and done from floppy disks.

Moving along into highschool, I was introduced to the first MAC computers and they were connected to what was referred to as the internet.  These computers used phone lines to connect and the connections were very slow.  But it was amazing at the time to see them work.  In the process of 4 years the Internet grew into a very large entity and we went from dialup to high speed.  Websites got better with more graphics and video.  Once I hit college the Internet had become a large virtual world with many different communities.

Jumping forward to today.  Almost anything can be found on the Internet and the Internet can be used as a source of entertainment, research and social activities.  That being said, I may be dating myself here but I was told never believe anything you are told and only half of what you read.  This rule can apply to the Internet as well.  As like everything else in this world, you have to take the good with the bad.  But we will focus on the positive here. 

Because of the growth of the Internet and what it is now.  I am able to bring to you this network of sites that will allow you to find anything you need in one place.  It is small now but I am hoping it will grow into a one stop resource for many people.  I want to thank you for coming and I ask that you search around and enjoy all that this network will provide you.

All the best,


Founder of Terrell Enterprizes Network

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